Eurex automotive is a flexible and high-powered company in the automotive aftermarked sector.


As a reliable export company Eurex automotive supplies vendor independency goods to its costumers for more than 25 years.


Our product range comprises high quality replacement parts for all kind of automibles and industry.


Because of our close cooperation with names adhesive manufacturers plus our access to technical informations, we can present customized solutions, which generates competetive edges to our costumers.


Since 1993 we reached a save spot at the marked by gaining trust of our costumers owing to reliability, flexibility, fair prices and short lead times.


Even in this days and age good business deals are made of human.


We from Eurex automotive aren’t satisfied of a good job, we work to get better every day. That’s possible, because everyone on our company contributes a part of this aim.


Together we are more than just the sum of every single part.


We are Eurex.



Please contact us, we look forward to every inquiry.